What You See Is Not What Really Is

Some people say or believe that what they see is the absolute reality and truth, and never try to question or doubt it. They don’t even think about the possibility that what they see might be mere illusions.

But the reality is not such a solid thing as they want it to be. It really changes based on individual’s opinions, principles, biases, experiences, or just memories.

A study once reavealed that mentally healthy persons tend to read a certain pattern from a randomly flashing light while patients with depression tend to see it as random, which is the reality and truth. Continue reading →

TOEFL & GMAT – The Best Way To Get High Score In The Verbal Section.

Are you a non-native English speaker who is struggling with TOEFL, GMAT, or other English-related exams?

Actually, I was one of those and spent a lot of time and energy in studying for the reading section of TOEFL and the verbal section of GMAT to get into a business school in the U.S.

When I started studying TOEFL and GMAT, I had already over 900 points on TOEIC, so I was thinking I could easily get my score high enough to meet the criteria of at least top 20 University in the U.S. after I prepared well.

However, things didn’t go well as I was expecting. Especially, in the verbal section of GMAT, I couldn’t even get a half of my target score.

I hit a lot of textbooks and did hundreds of quizzes and remembered all the words and idioms that are required in the verbal section. I also read English newspapers like the Wall Street Journal everyday.

I believed I did all things I could do, but my score was still unacceptably low. (I almost punched the display monitor when I saw that score! you understand that feeling, don’t you?)Continue reading →