If You Want To Try a Japanese Style Cafe

When you travel to Tokyo and look around the city all day long, you will probably need to take a rest at a cafe. But going to Starbucks is a little waste of your limited time in Tokyo because they are everywhere around the world, serving exactly the same taste of coffee.

Since you have come all the way to Tokyo from your country, you should have some more unique experiences in Japan even when you just drop by a cafe, right?

In that case, I recommend this cafe.



Toraya was originally found in Kyoto in the Muromachi period, which lasted approximately from 1336 to 1573 in the history of Japan. Toraya has served traditional confectionery for the Emperor of the time as early as 1586. Now this company has moved to Tokyo and serves a various kinds of traditional confectionary and some original products. They also opened some Japanese modern style cafes in Tokyo.

If you would like to enjoy Japan-style afternoon tea, Toraya Cafe – AN Stand might be the best choice.  It serves original confectionary mainly using “AN” which in Japanese means the red bean (adzuki) paste. This time, I have tried Kita-Aoyama shop.

A pile of AN Jars displayed at the entrance of the shop.


On the first floor, you can order cafe menu and buy some AN bottles and other products for your family and friends.  That animal on the wall is a “tora” meaning a tiger in Japanese. They have more tables on the 2nd floor where you can relax and enjoy the cafe.

This time, I had one of their specialty called “AN-Bun” with hot hojicha. As it looks, AN-Bun is simply AN on a steamed bun. The bun is very soft and chewy and the AN tastes very sweet but yet smooth. The simple combination of AN and bun is very good and also the roasty flavor of hojicha goes very well with it.


They say that AN paste also goes well with breads. ice creams, yogurt, granolas, and so on. You should definitely buy some AN jars on the first floor and make your original menu at home.

Toraya Cafe AN Stand also opens in Shinjuku. When you have a chance to go to Aoyama or Shinjuku, you must try this cafe!

Please visit their website for more information.



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