The best way to fully enjoy the best season of the year in Tokyo.

I now delightly announce that the spring, the best season of the year in Tokyo, has finally come this week!  Now all you need to do is just pack your stuffs in your carry-on bags and get on an airplane  to Tokyo. Since life is very short, you cannot miss this chance!

This time, I suggest one walking course to fully enjoy this season here.

Let’s start from Daikanyama station. You first head to the Daikanyama T-Site. (more tips about Daikanyama:Daikanyama – when you need to escape from the noise of Shibuya)

At this place, you can just have a short break at Starbucks, eat lunch, or even buy some guide books. I had a casual lunch at Ivy Place this time.  Their lunch menu is very good yet reasonable.  I chose Pizza and Salad lunch which come with bread, ice tea, and coffee after the meal. Now you are ready to take a little long walk.



都会の真ん中に拡がる森。 そこに佇む懐かしさ溢れる1軒の家は カフェ、ダイニング、バー、3つの空間からなるレストラン

You walk from Daikanyama T-Site to Saigoyama park like this.

On the way to the park, you also can drop by some nice cafes, restaurants, or shops on this street.


and within 10 mins you’ll arrive at Saigoyma Park. Saigoyama park is relatively small but has a nice view and some beautiful cherry blossoms.

People are enjoying “Hanami” party every year. It’s atmosphere was so peaceful and joyful that everyone was smiling and laughing.

After you enjoy those view, you go down the hill to Meguro river.  You’ll also stop by the Sugekari park which is also a nice place to enjoy watching Cherry blossoms.

Sugekari park also has a beautiful Japanese-style garden.

Finally, let’s walk to today’s final destination, the Meguro river.

This beautiful view lasts more than 1,000 meters! You can just walk along the river to the Nakameguro station. You can take a train at Nakameguro station to Shibuya or other places.

It’s more beautiful to see it in person than to see those pictures, so please consider visiting here. Cherry blossoms will be in full bloom within a few days and soon they’ll all gone, so don’t hesitate or you have to wait till next year.



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