The Two Hotels You Must Consider When You Travel to Singapore.

I have just come back to Tokyo from my business trip in  Singapore and had a wonderful time there, so I’d like to report some of my activities in the week. I hope it helps when you plan to visit Singapore. Let me start with the two hotels I stayed at this time.

One is the W Singapore Sentosa Cove. For the first two days in Singapore, I spent a great time at this luxury hotel.

its lobby was like this.

This pink (or maybe purple?) lights and modern furniture totally differentiate this hotel from others. I first thought the place was like a night club rather than a hotel.

Let’s take a look at my room.

Again, my room was also full of pink! As soon as I got in the room, I thought that I just got a wrong room because this atmosphere was apparently for just-married couples on the honeymoon and not for a man like me alone on a business trip, so I immediately turned all the pink lights off and took this nice bath to just relax.

After the breakfast on the next morning, I felt like going for a walk around the hotel since the weather was so nice (little humid and hot though).

During the walk, I saw a lot of luxury condos and yachts in the harbor. This area was definitely good for just walking and jogging in the early morning.

Overall, I pretty much like this hotel’s modern interior and peaceful atmosphere.

If you need more information, please check the website.

W Singapore – Sentosa Cove

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The other is The Marina Bay Sands (MBS):

For the rest of 5 days in Singapore, I stayed at this hotel.

This building is one of the most famous landmarks of Singapore. Because of its unique design, you might have seen  it even if you’ve never been to Singapore.

Let’s take a look at the inside of it.

I haven’t seen such a huge entrance hall in my life. This hotel has 3 towers, so you need to walk more than 600 feet from the entrance of tower 1 to the end of the tower 3. You can have a good exercise just by walking through this hotel.

Let’s go all the way up to my room at 46th floor.

What I liked the most about this room was its large bathtub and this beautiful view!

I heard majority of people who plan to stay at this hotel prefer a room with city view which is the other side of this room, but since I live in the city of Tokyo, I pretty much love this beautiful contrast of green and ocean blue. That big tree-like buildings in the park are also nice  to see from this hight.

On the rooftop, you can enjoy this famous infinity pool. You will feel like you are swimming in the sky.

The view from my room at night was even more beautiful.  This hotel has also huge shopping center and casino at the basement floor, so you never get bored while staying here.

For more info about the MBS:

Singapore luxury hotel and lifestyle destination | Marina Bay Sands

Visit Singapore’s most iconic hotel for the world’s largest rooftop Infinity Pool, award-winning dining, and a wide range of shopping and entertainment options.

Those hotels I introduced today are both eaqually fancy and nice but have different style and taste.

W Singapore are in the quiet area and also it’s right next to the Sentosa Golf Club (which I will write about next time), so if you are on a business trip or like to play golf or just relax at a quiet place, W would be best for you.

On the other hand, the MBS is more like a big hotel with a shopping and entertainment complex, so it’s a little jam-packed with a lot of tourists from all over the world. If you are visiting with your family or friends and want to have lots of fun together, this hotel will never let you down.

Well, that’s all about the hotels I stayed at in Singapore. I will write about other things soon, so stay tuned!



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