One of the best golf club in Asia: The Sentosa Golf Club Singapore.

While I was staying in Singapore a week ago, I participated in a golf tournament held in the Sentosa Golf Club which is know for one of the best golf courses in Asia. Since I am just a beginner, it was very hard for me to play all 36 holes in two days. But I somehow managed to finished it out.

Now, let’s take a look at the inside of the club house. I hope this will help golf lovers.

As you can see, the club house is so large and beautiful that you can just enjoy relaxing here before and after playing.

You might have seen this golf club on the TV since the HSBC Women’s World Championship was just held at the beginning of this month.

Just shopped some balls and other stuffs at this pro shop.

They even have a Japanese restaurant in the club house. You can imagine how large this place is.

I had to wake up early in the morning and was so sleepy but the sunrise at this beautiful course just cleared my head. Now I’m ready to play!

Playing golf with those views of Singapore bay and downtown was a wonderful experience, but the golf course itself was very hard for me due to a lots of bunkers and ponds. I needed to focus on the ball not on the views.

This time, I got my own caddy and he took care of all works like driving the cart, selecting a golf club, scoring, and so on, so I could only focus on my shots which sadly did not help improve my score at all though. Apparently,I need to practice harder.

Some of my golf balls went down in this big pond. Ironically whenever I tried to avoid dropping my ball in a pond, it actually did.


Anyway, as you can see, this golf course is as excellent as the reputation. But since it’s always hot and humid here in Singapore, you’ll probably need more energy and stamina than when you do at other courses, and the course itself is relatively hard, so I guess it’s going to be challenging for intermediate too.

If you have a chance to visit Singapore, you must try this great golf club!

Sentosa Golf Club

Sentosa Golf Club



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