Missing Central Park in Manhattan? Try Hibiya Park in Tokyo.

If you have once lived in Manhattan New York and for some reasons you moved to other cities or even to other countries like Japan, one of the things you may feel missing is Central Park, isn’t it?

Well, if your new place is in Tokyo, Hibiya Park might make you feel like you were in Central Park. My place is a little far from this place but I have a business meeting at the Imperial hotel every once a week and I often visit this park just to enjoy relaxing.


Welcome to the IMPERIAL HOTEL TOKYO, one of the oldest and best hotels in Japan and one of the leading luxury hotels in the world.

Habiya Park is right next to the Imperial palace and it’s within 5 minutes walk from Yurakucho and Ginza. If you are traveling to Tokyo and staying near Tokyo station, you must visit this park for just walking and relaxing. This park is very beautiful especially in Spring, since all the cherry blossoms reach  full bloom.


It’s true that Hibiya Park is not as large as Central Park in Manhattan, but it’s calm and peaceful atmosphere will definitely remind you of it.

There are some fine restaurants where you can just relaxing and talking with your friends. People have wedding ceremony here almost every weekend which makes this place more peaceful and joyful.

After you spend some time in this park, I recommend you visit  Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, which was just grand opened last March. It has a lot of good restaurants, cafes, and even a large movie theater. Check it’s website for more infomation.


Tokyo Midtown Hibiya official web site. Tokyo Midtown Hibiya is shop & restaurant, office, movie theater of approximately 60 stores, aerial garden and compound facility where open space space was gathered. Town “Tokyo Midtown Hibiya” of art culture, entertainment. It is Tokyo Midtown Hibiya in good-quality time and new experience of future intention.

What I love the most about this place is the park view garden. As you can see, the sea of trees in the imperial palace and Hibiya Park is so beautiful that you will forget you are in the center of this big city!

By the way, If you also miss New York style Pizza, check this store. They serve exactly same taste of pizza which you can get in at a corner of every block in Manhattan.


H BEAUTY&YOUTH(エイチ ビューティ&ユース)に併設される代官山のピザショップ「PIZZA SLICE(ピザ スライス)」のサイトです。


This is Daikanyama store. I come here for casual lunch every time I miss New York style pizza.

Have a good time in Tokyo!



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