The garden you must visit first when you have just arrived in Tokyo.

When you have just arrived in Tokyo, you must be exhausted by the long flight from your country.

If that is the case,  there is a nice garden near Tokyo station where you could be just relaxed and gain the energy for your exciting activities while in Japan.

The name of the garden is Hama Rikyu Garden.

Hama Rikyu Garden is located in Shiodome.


This place used to be a Tokugawa Shogun’s private villa in Edo era and later became an imperial palace after the Meiji Restoration. Even though some valuable buildings and trees were destroyed by the big earthquake and the war,  this garden is now well maintained by the Tokyo administration, and many people come visit here to see the traditional Japanese garden.

Here is some pictures when I visit here yesterday. This place will be more beautiful when all the leaves change color in Autumn.

This is the entrance of the garden. It was very interesting for me to see this contrast of the old gate and the new modern buildings behind it.

You can just walk pretending to be a Shogun and try to feel what it’s like to be that.

After a few minutes walk from the gate, you’ll find this pond and bridge.

What’s interesting of this pond is its water comes from the seawater of Tokyo Bay (Edo Bay). Usually you see Koi fish in this kind of pond in Japanese garden but here you can see some fishes (I couldn’t tell what kind though) that are supposed to swim in the sea.

In the middle of the pond, there is an old Japanese style cafe, serving good Matcha and Japanese sweets.

It’s almost surreal to be here having good Matcha and just relaxed in one of the busiest area of Tokyo.

For more information, please check here.

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