Found another nice cafe to recommend in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

I’d like to add a cafe to this article.

Daikanyama – when you need to escape from the noise of Shibuya

Because today, I was just thinking that there is few place in Daikanyama where I can see good view although Daikanyama is a Maintain (Yama means Mountain in Japanese.).

Well, Daikanyama is in the middle of Tokyo city, so it’s understandable, but still I sometimes need open space to escape from the crowded city like Tokyo.

One of the place you can enjoy the view from Daikanyama is the Saigoyama park. The picture of the above article is one of those.

Saigoyama park is very peaceful and nice place to hang out but I wanted nice cafe with this view, so I was searching for such place and I finally happened to found it!

this is the store.

Tokyo | Saturdays NYC

Saturdays NYC is a New York based menswear clothing and lifestyle brand. Explore our Magazine and Culture. Free Shipping on Orders Over $100. Shop our minimalist classic mens shirts, sunglasses, board shorts, sweaters, shoes, pomades, soaps, coffee, t-shirts, tanks, pants, surf accessories, jackets, parkas and outerwear. Established in 2009.

I have seen this store many times but didn’t know till now that they also do cafe.

Yep, they are definitely telling us they do cafe, but I haven’t even see this sign for long time.

At a glance, there is no place to have a cup of coffee inside the store, but when you go to the backyard…

Voila! They have exactly what I was looking for!

and the latte and the cookie were also good!

They sell clothes mainly for young men, but this cafe is for everyone, of course. As a matter of fact, while I was staying, I saw a very old locals and people from other countries were enjoying catting and having a cup of coffee. (Damn, why didn’t I know this place till now!)

Unfortunately, they don’t have a table to work on my MacBook, but those wood benches are confortable enough to spend relaxing time for a while.

They also have stores in New York and Australia, so please check the website for more info.

Locations | Saturdays NYC

Saturdays Store Locations




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