The best beach you can visit in one and half hour from Tokyo city.

If you are one of beach lovers, you must wonder if there is a nice beach in Tokyo.

Unfortunately, Tokyo city does not have a beautiful beach like Monica beach  in L.A. Well, Tokyo is more like New York city, so it has only the Tokyo bay which is mostly for business purpose.

If you go to Odaiba Marine Park, you can see the artificial beach. This is also nice place to hang out but I know this is not what you mean by the beach.

Odaiba Marine Park

Odaiba Marine Park has sand and rocks surrounding a quiet cove that spreads out beside Daiba Park (Battery #3). Odaiba is one of Japan’s lading tourist spots sporting a fusion of natural water and greenery with futuristic scenery such as Rainbow Bridge, the Fuji Television Building and urban resort hotels.

Well, like when you are in New York, you need to drive to Long Island to enjoy some beautiful beaches, you probably want to go to Kamakura or Shonan area in Kanagawa prefecture.

It’ll take about 1 and half hour by car or train and bus, but it worth visiting, I promise.

Actually, I went there by car. Look at this beautiful sunset view. This is what you wanted, isn’t this?

I recommend you come visit here after the summer season because in the season, this place is so so so crowded with a lot of people and traffics. but in this season, it’s very quiet and peaceful. You only see some people walking their dogs or surfers in the see.

Also, Kamakura has lots of traditional Japanese temples, and stylish cafe and restaurants, so you’ll never get bored in this area.

Kamakura Travel Guide – What to do in Kamakura

About the city of Kamakura, Japan.

You can see this beautiful shade of Mt. Fuji when you go a little west of Enoshima.

Tsujidou-Kaihin-Prefectural-Park (Tsujido-Seaside-Park)

Tsujidou-Kaihin-Prefectural-Park (Tsujido-Seaside-Park)

You can also visit this park in one minute walk from the beach at which I took the above picture. Your kids can play all day at this large park.



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