Daikanyama – when you need to escape from the noise of Shibuya

As you might know, Shibuya is one of the most exciting and famous cities in Tokyo and is known as a center for youth fashion and culture. When you plan to travel to Japan, Shibuya must be on top of your where-to-go list.

But once you dive into the waves of people in Shibuya, you might need a little break and take a rest at a quieter place.

Well, in that case, I recommend you try visiting Daikanyama which is the right next to the Shibuya station. A local train of Tokyu Toyoko Line will take you to the Daikanyama station within 5 minutes (Be careful, express one doesn’t stop at the Daikanyama station) .

    Daikanyama Station

Daikanyama is much smaller and quieter place than Shibuya, but you will see a lot of cool and sophisticated locals and Japanese celeblities hanging out there. The VOGUE once called Daikanyama

the Brooklyn of Tokyo. 

I would rather call it more like the Chelsea (in Manhattan) of Tokyo but I love both way anyway.

In this series of articles, I would like to keep introducing some good places to visit in Daikanyama. This time, let me start with cafes to visit.

Vol.1  Cafes To Visit

No1.  Mermaid Cafe

If you need to take a break or grab a bite before you walk around the town, this cafe is right in front of the Daikanyama station! Mermaid sandwich is always one of my favorite brunch.

No2.  Anjin at Daikanyama T-site

This cafe is like a luxury hotel lounge, and so the price is (about 900 yen for a  cup of latte!), but it’s defenitely worth more than the price. They also have a study table where you can charge your PC and smart phone. I sometimes do my work here when I need to focus.


I like the minimal interior design of this cafe. A part of the place is sometimes used as an art gallery, so you can enjoy both the design art and the good coffee. They also have free Wi-Fi available.

No.4  TRITON CAFE daikanyama

I love the pancakes and crapes here. The best place for the casual lunch.

No.5  Milk. Black. Lemon by GOGO NO KOCHA

Well, if you are a tea person, try this one. This cafe brand-new opened last year. You will find their cute interior and unique chairs. GOGO NO KOCHA means Afternoon Tea in Japanese.


No6.  Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo

You never have a cup of tea without a good cake? No problem, here you can enjoy authentic French taste cakes and tea. Here you could become a Parisian in the Brooklyn of Tokyo (?).

 No.8  Urth CafFe

A little bit far from the station but they serve organic coffee and they have relatively large space for Daikanyama’s cafe. If you prefer organic foods, this could be your first choice.

Alright, that’s it for now. There are a lot more nice cafes and places to visit in Daikanyama, so I will keep you posted in this site as soon as possible, so please stay tuned.

Your comments and questions are always welcomed.



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