Don’t you miss fast-food Mexican restaurants like Chipotle?

If you are from the United States and staying in Japan for a long time for some reasons, I guess you have already enjoyed a bunch of delicious Japanese foods like fresh authentic sushi, tempura, teppanyaki, yakiniku, and so on.

But longer you stay in Japan, more you miss the taste of American foods, don’t you?

Well, in my case, when I came back to Japan from SoCal (Southern California), what I was first missing was the taste of Chipotle’s fresh tacos!

Unfortunately, Chipotle has not yet ventured into Japan’s market, so I used to go to some Mexican grill restaurants in Tokyo. They are very nice but not fast-food restaurants, so those are not the places where you could just grab a bite for some casual lunch.

But one day I happened to find a Mexican restaurant in Roppongi which looks exactly like Chipotle, and that restaurant I am going to introduce here is Frijoles.


 Frijoles Roppongi


They have total of 6 shops in Tokyo so far. Please check out their website too.

麻布十番,六本木,大手町,汐留,代官山のブリトー・タコス、サラダ専門店 FRIJOLES フリホーレス|店舗紹介 |

麻布、六本木の「FRIJOLES フリホーレス」はブリトーやタコス、サラダを楽しめるカジュアルでメキシカンなお店です。

I tried the Daikanyama shop this time. Look at those pictures. They are just like Chipotle, and its taste is as good as Chipotle’s too!

How to order is as simple and straightforward as Chipotle's.

1,580yen for beaf steak Tacos with chips and a coke.

Well, the price is way higher than Chipotle’s, but you know this is Tokyo. The rent is skyrocketing especially in recent Abenomics market. If Chipotle is in New York, I guess the pricing would be about the same, so I think they are doing their best in this conpetitive market and hope they will keep hanging in.

Anyway, I am very glad I can get my favoirite Tacos  whenever I miss my life in SoCal.

Hope this little tip helps.




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