What You See Is Not What Really Is

Some people say or believe that what they see is the absolute reality and truth, and never try to question or doubt it. They don’t even think about the possibility that what they see might be mere illusions.

But the reality is not such a solid thing as they want it to be. It really changes based on individual’s opinions, principles, biases, experiences, or just memories.

A study once reavealed that mentally healthy persons tend to read a certain pattern from a randomly flashing light while patients with depression tend to see it as random, which is the reality and truth. 

In general, we regard a depressed person as a “patient”. But the reality is that we, so-called mentally healthy people, can’t even see the reality as it is. in this case, who do you think are really sick? We cannot see things without labeling and judging anything based on our biases, can we?

Let’s do a quick experiment here.

Try to focus your eyes on the the mark “+” in the middle of the following picture.

source:Asahi Press

Do you see a green circle going around?

Please keep focusing.

Do you see purple circles gradually and completely disappearing?

The truth is that there is no green circle going around, and the purple circles never completely disappear. They just keep flashing periodically, and that’s all happening in the picture.

First Step To See The Reality

So my question is, how can we live in the naked reality? Can we  live what is? Can we see things or people without judgement, biases, or images of past memories?

The first step to get closer to the reality might be to doubt your thoughts, beliefs, images, or memories. It seems very easy to do so, but actually not because those are the things that make you who you are.

Who you are is your identity which is sometimes called ego and the ego can’t live without thoughts, beliefs, or past memories, so in order to survive, it tries to feed your brain with all the illusions.

Sometimes ego tells you that the reality sucks and is too harsh to face and then tries to persuade you into escaping from the bare reality.

So the first question that you can ask yourself when you feel like escaping from the reality is,

Is the thoughts better off than the reality? Isn’t there slightest chance that the reality is always kind to you?  What happens and who you become without the thoughts and beliefs?


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